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Resource-Efficient IoT-Edge Systems

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About the Project

Riot-ES carries out the research and development of new methods, technologies and systems for maximising energy efficiency and increased performance in IoT systems, with a focus on IoT devices and processing at the edge of wireless networks.

The future

Expected Impact

IoT technologies have the potential to transform society, make cities smart and increase the quality of life through smart home care, but IoT is not yet a mature technology prepared to achieve the envisioned innovation. 

Riot-ES will focus on addressing the main challenges regarding the use of IoT:

Performance and Efficiency
Power and energy performance and efficiency in IoT systems are both dependable and complementary.
IoT performance is a key concern for 5G mainly in terms of massive machine-type communication and ultra-reliable and low-latency communication.
Integration between the cloud and the IoT (especially in terms of standardised workflows for similar application requirements).

IoT systems consume a significant amount of energy, making energy efficiency one of the most important issues to address.

As Energy efficiency and performance are often at odds with each other, the project’s main focus will be investigating solutions to optimise energy efficiency given performance constraints and conversely, optimise performance given energy constraints

The findings will be used in two different use cases: Smart Cities and Smart Home.

The project will investigate a mix of sensor devices as well as computational and data management platforms where the complementary expertise of the project partners will create strong synergy and thorough understanding of IoT edge systems. 


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Resource-Efficient IoT-Edge Systems

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